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Video:: Pitching a deal to, NYC.

Video:: Pitching a deal to, NYC.

Posted by Paul Glasky :: 5/31/13

We decided to publish this documentary video to keep things truthful and transparent. This is the foundation of professor Univers’s teaching. Back in December of 2012 the professor rounded up a small team of his colleagues (including myself) to pitch a deal to here in NYC. The professor has been a fan of thier motionmaker program for many years, as well as thier broad audience worldwide. He felt that the motionmaker platform would be a great place to host his extensive database of video content. Six months have gone by, and a deal has not been cut. A rumor has recently been leaked that there is potential for another meeting this late summer. Please keep an open mind while viewing the video.


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Who is Frank Universe?

Who is Frank Universe?

Frank speaks about his brother and his musical collaborations with artist Ryan Seslow

Frank Universe

Although little known to the public, Frank Universe is the younger brother (by 1 year) of professor Spaulding Universe. By day he is a low profile media buying marketing director for a division of TCW television and radio in lower Manhattan. The Rhode Island native now lives and keeps a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. By night, Frank is guitar player, musician, and producer, but is very much a behind the scenes kind of personality. Along with Ryan Seslow, Frank formed the experimental band “Unconscious Blend” in 1997. Frank and Ryan have recorded several original songs as well as instrumental experimental music. Frank introduced Seslow to his brother Spaulding one afternoon during a garage rehearsal, the two hit it off and have been ongoing collaborators ever since.

Frank coined the band’s Bio in 1998 as such: “The Blend (for short) is an experiment in sub and unconscious musical free association. Unlike Jazz, which is each artists individual improv collecting into a harmonious union, a stream of energy directs all members of the Blend towards one musical consciousness.”


A recent statement made by Frank in late 2012 about the blend; “The blend comes and goes. Sometimes it is inspired and full of expressive energy, and sometimes it settles down into hibernation to digest and assess what will come next.”

Samples of the early Blend music can be found here ::


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Graduate Assistant Paul Glasky on “ConFyDance”

:: 2/19/13 ::

Graduate Assistant Paul Glasky on “ConFyDance”

Paul Glasky here! We all felt it was time for me to post a video statement here on the blog. It is especially timely after Dr. Tom Meyers posted such a bitter review on 2/10/13. Not to worry as our spirit towards the new book is stronger than ever. My life is forever changed. I am proud and grateful to be one of the select few to work directly with professor Universe and his colleagues on this book (which is far more than just “any book” by the way.)


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Dr. Tom Meyers publishes a bitter review of ConFyDance.


As promised, here is the bitter review of ConFyDance posted by Dr. Tom Meyers on 2/10/2013. We are doing everything in our power to counter act and defuse these bitter words. We will release a public statement this week. It is not our intention to censor anyone or anything on this blog, it is a place for learning and understanding the human condition. We bring this video to you, our readers, followers, supporters, colleagues, students and friends. View it as an archetype of the dark repressed side of being human.Please watch the video and let your inner voice guide you.


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Meyers Publishes Statement. 2/14/13

Updated from Paul Glasky ::


2/14/13 :: It appears that Dr. Tom Meyers has issued and published a video statement about “ConFyDance.” On valentines day no less, the one day where love is supposed to rein. Please know that the book has not yet officially been released to the public, any judgements made in this video are completely bias based on their past relationship. Spaulding’s graduate assistant from 2008 – 2010 Sheagor has issued a statements about Meyers as she endlessly had to defuse him and his rampant vindictiveness on several occasions. SG “Meyers is a rat with wings. It amazes me the he is able to run a department and function with any dignity. His antics are immature and down right malicious. To a degree he is partly responsible for my leaving the field altogether.” We will be publishing the video issued by Meyers and his team as soon as we get a hold of it properly.

More as this develops.


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Professor Universe’s Twitter Hacked!



Sad, but true, for several hours today Professor Spaulding Universe’s twitter account was hacked! All has been restored back to normal, but we do believe this was an intentional and malicious attack. After hours of ruthless spam infested tweets with links to virus infested cheesy weight loss web sites, we have reason to believe that this is the work of DR. Tom Meyers and his colleagues. Our team became aware of the issue after a routine check on our tweetdeck platform at 2 PM. We then began to receive messages, and tons of them. Spaulding himself is out of town this week as he continues the final interviews and conclusions for his book “ConFyDance.” He was upset, and has issued this statement: “Friends and Colleague, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue this may have caused you, your colleagues, or computers.”


We are in the process of working with the universities IT team to trace the IP address associated with the hacking. Charges will be sought out. Alternative evidence has come to us in several formats pointing to the Meyers organization. It is not a secret that Meyers and Universe have been long time rivals, but it has never come down to a deliberate malicious cyber attack. Universe has been diligently working with his graduate assistants to build a twitter and social media presence in efforts to promote his work to a larger audience. This set back today was indeed a sad one. We have attempted to reach the office of Dr. Meyers by phone and by e-mail, he, nor his staff have not returned any of our communication.


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Guest Lecture on 1/24/13 in NYC

Three U

Guest Lecture at McKindle College, 1/24/13, NYC

Professor Spaulding Universe gave a guest lecture on self esteem and human energetic emotion last night at the McKindley College here in NYC. The small college dates back to the early 1930’s and has with stood the turns and challenges of the times. Spaulding used this idea as a metaphor to begin the talk. The college houses all 2,100 students locally in the area, it seems that the turn out was pretty accurate in attendance. St. Worthington Hall is the college’s oldest building, and it was indeed standing room only. Spaulding Universe is known for his spontaneous talks and lectures. 99% of his speaking engagements are not planned, rehearsed or practiced. He preprograms the “inner energy” within himself as well as the physical space where he is going to speak in advance. This is done through a meditation that takes about 15 minutes. The uplifting talk left eager students lingering for hours afterwards. Universe has promised to write a step by step guide on “How To” energetically pre-program any potential event or desire one may have. Stay tuned.

Images by Paul Glasky.


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Professor Universe discovers Human Memory Transmutation.

For Immediate Release :: 1/24/13

Prof. Universe with Cast Circuit Pods

Did you see this image floating around the Internet last week?
by Paul Glasky, GA
Last week in a blog post titled “Collaboration Sculpture” we brought you the earliest developments that attempt to communicate the image above. The image indeed speaks a thousand words, but I don’t think anyone was prepared to hear its full explanation, not even myself. We have been working around the clock on “ConFyDance” so any other extra ciricular project has taken a back burner. Until now that is. The professor and Ryan Seslow stated last week that they were happy to announce the completion and installation of their latest collaboration piece. The collaborative installation sculpture was completed on 1/19/2013.  The large wall relief was installed in the New York Studio of Ryan Seslow. The works will soon move to a non profit out-door public exhibition space. Dates are still to be announced soon.Universe and Seslow promised to discuss the meaning and intentions of the piece in an up and coming episode on the professor’s web series. But it leaked. Someone got wind of this and set it into the public. The installation wall consists of 25 casts that are currently mounted onto the wall. The second aspect of the installation will be installed on the floor. Universe claims; “These pieces are not intended to be displayed indoors, they are activating portals that demand individual experiences whilst still existing simultaneously amongst the masses.” Synthesizing technology, art, science, and self-awareness seems to be a common thread in the extensive works that the men collaborate on.
Today the news hit the general public. Professor Spaulding Universe has developed a method for extracting, transmutation, and storing human memories outside of the human body. Universe has said, “It is a form of teleportation, but in this case, we are not only consciously moving the atoms, but the actual images and feelings associated with those atoms. Memories were once thought to be non physical and purely intangible, this is not the case. Memories are generated and processed through the human body, nature plays a role in this by “retaining” the process into our cells. Modern Science has allowed for us to interact with human cellular memory system. The cellular transmutation process converts the energy into recordable data, and that data is transferred through the body, extracted, and cast into “memory pods.”  The objects in this image above are indeed the “Memory Pods.”
“Our physical senses record everything that we have ever experienced while we are physical. We do this on both a conscious and unconscious level. It is unfortunate that even today most people believe that they are navigating the physical world from outside of themselves, this is not the case. The unconscious mind is the bodies main operating system. Every sight, sound, taste, touch, and emotion has been recorded. Imagine this, you will never have to forget those cherished memories. Not only that, but these sentiments, experiences, and stories can be passed down to your future generations.”
Enthusiasts, skeptics and debunkers lined up in ten folds to exaggerate the potentials as well as dispute the concept as nothing more than utter science fiction. But is it? Apparently, Universe teamed up with long time collaborator, artist Ryan Seslow to create the actual “Pods” themselves. The pods seem to look like over sized outdated internal computer circuit boards, and function as works of art. Metaphors seem to run quite consistently in the overall connection with the concept itself. Seslow claimed, “The greatest work of art any human being could ever create is their own life story.”
Seslow discussed the physical making process vaguely, but he did mention the concept forms were first carved out of clay, which is a natural and organic material, he mentioned, “Clay and Humans are a lot alike, both malleable, and both organic.” The sculpted forms are then cast in silicone rubber to prepare a reusable mold. He would not fully disclose what the actual cast material is to “record and house” the human memories, but more info was forthcoming. A series of images were also said to be captured on the site.
An official video press release is scheduled for early February 2013.
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The New Collaborative Installation Sculpture.

:: 1/19/13 ::

We are happy to announce the completion and installation of our latest collaboration piece. The collaborative installation sculpture has been completed on 1/19/2013.  The large wall relief has been installed in the New York Studio of artist and frequent collaborator Ryan Seslow. The works will soon move to a non- profit out door public exhibition space. Dates are to be announced soon.

Prof. Universe with Cast Circuit Pods

Spaulding Universe and Seslow will be discussing the meaning and intentions of the piece in an up and coming episode on the professor’s web series. The installation wall consists of 25 casts that are currently mounted onto the wall. The second aspect of the installation will be installed on the floor. Universe claims; “These pieces are not intended to be displayed indoors, they are activating portals that demand individual experiences whilst still existing simultaneously amongst the masses.” Synthesizing technology, art, science, and self awareness seems to be a common thread in the works the men collaborate on. More on this soon.


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Reflective Therapy Video Assessment-Patient: Jim Anatokis.

Reflective Therapy Video Assessment #21 – Patient : Jim Anatokis.

As a part of each patient’s commitment to treatment, Jim reflects back and expresses his feelings about his therapy time with Professor Spaulding Universe.

To learn more about Jim and the Reflective Therapy Assessments go here :


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Dr. Tom Meyers Issues Video Statement


As many of you know, we are working hard on completing the final edits of Professor Univers’s new collaborative book “ConFyDance.” In an attempt to reconnect Spaulding Universe with his old colleague Dr. Tom Meyers, artist and ConFyDance collaborator Ryan Seslow reached out only to receive the following statement.

For more information on Dr. Meyers and his relationship to Spaulding Universe, go here::


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Professor Universe, Electric Guitar Solo!

 :: 12/29/12 ::

Professor Universe, known to most as “Today’s Spiritual Solution Resolver,” has also been known to tackle learning new skills, in this case, Electric Guitar Soloing! Enjoy!


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December 2012 Visit to the NYC Headquarters

December 2012 :: Visit to the NYC Headquarters.


This past week we took a visit to the headquarters in NYC. Seeking a solid platform for the professor’s video content, Professor Universe, his artistic collaborator Ryan Seslow, graduate assistant Paul Glasky, and videographer Niek Eegle joined in to help make a pitch to the company.


The building’s architecture on 5th avenue was impressive, we all felt totally in sync with the energy of this structure. We were all happy to have made the same “connection” before we headed up on the elevator. Our motionmaker contacts Romain, Daniel, and an unidentified computer programmer were happy to have us, yet they seemed distracted at first. Professor Universe had claimed that “an energetic vibrational rapport synchronization” had to be established. We took the first few moments to do so. You can see the intensity in this lecture photograph above. Although they were unconscious to the subliminal effects of the exercise, a rhythmic vibration tone had been established. I operated the camera for this portion of the talk as Niek Eegle felt she needed to also sync into the vibration. I also operated the microphone as we have made a video recording of the whole meeting for educational reference purposes.  We are grateful to our hosts for this permission. The video has currently gone to editing and will be released publicly right here very soon.



After the short meditation, our hosts proceeded to inform us about the companies goals, statistics, and what it took to be accepted as a motionmaker. “The motion-maker status is what you will need to strive for,” said Daniel. We reviewed several of the other users videos and looked in to the amount of views the top producers                were generating.


Professor Universe processed the numbers immediately and helped recalculate some of the anomalies, most impressively without a calculator. A blank look was held by everyone in the room for one second until the professor murmured; “Business as usual.” An eruption of laughter followed and this seemed to lighten the atmosphere.

Video:: Please observe this series of actions and gestures that were captured here by Niek Eegle to create this animated GIF rendition of our visit. Pay special attention to the professor’s energy as he speaks passionately about his work and connects deeply with all involved.


An intimate shot captured here of Spaulding and Romain as they shared a common memory. Turns out that both men had an early childhood love for Ornithology. After a brief touch on the subjects of various birds, we moved on with our talks. The energy began to change again, it was looser now.


We spent some time sharing several examples of the most recent creative collaboration projects that we have been working on. As potential motionmakers we would be creating and using only our own content. The animated GIF above was created for promotional purposes when our last documentary was released in late 2010. The Integration of Professor Universe (which can be seen on this dailymotion link) is a multi-award winning short film that has been traveling on the independent film circuit for the last two years. It has been dubbed: “An important piece of New-Insightfulness in a tech driven world” by Dr. Edgar Fast, the department chair of Meta-Being Psychology at Metropolitans University here in NYC.

Shortly after, we administered a short video on the topic of “Inner Democracy” this is video book excerpt #5 from the professors new collaborative book “ConFyDance.”


A dramatic shot of Spaulding deep in lecture mode, the professor continued to re-emphasize why his content, collaborative projects, and source material would only benefit dailymotion and its vast user base. He spoke confidently about his new video excerpt based book “ConFyDance” and showed several video book excerpts which can be seen both here on the professor’s blog as well as on our dailymotion account.  The book is already an underground best seller abroad.

Universe ConFydance

The staff was impressed to come to the realization that the professor’s frequent collaborator Ryan Seslow had been an account holder and promoter of dailymotion since 2005. Eyebrows raised when this information was released. The unidentified computer programmer looked at Daniel and gave him a nod of acceptance, and Daniel looked at Romain and gave him a nod…


After three and a half hours of talks, presentations, and whispering in secret, a deal has been made. Our hosts had left the meeting room for 30 minutes, upon their return we had informed that we have been accepted on a “secret motionmakers probationary trail basis!” Although the duration of the probation is unclear, and our hosts still seem skeptical, there is a shimmer of light! An acceptance photo shoot was agreed upon as well! Cheers!

DM visit NYC

(photos courtesy of Niek Eagle & Ryan Seslow)

Please stay tuned and follow our journey as we proceed forward!


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Coming Soon-The Visit to NYC.

Coming soon – Our Official Visit to the NYC Headquarters.


This past week we took a visit to the headquarters in NYC. Seeking a solid platform for the professor’s video content, Professor Universe, his artistic collaborator Ryan Seslow , graduate assistant Paul Glasky, and videographer Niek Eegle joined in to help make a pitch to the company. Our hosts generously allowed us to document the meeting for educational references. This is a short stop motion animation of the meeting. Follow this thread here as we will be publishing the fully documented event here soon.


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Animated GIF collaboration with Ryan Seslow

Animated GIF collaboration with Ryan Seslow


Friends, please allow, watch, and enjoy the “Spiritual Revolution” GIF animation. This is a collaboration piece we have completed in late 2012. It is indeed a conceptual work of art. Can you “see” how? What are we trying to communicate here? We are seeking user based descriptions via comment format. Please participate and spread the word. Duality is on our side!


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Professor Universe & Dr. Edgar Fast Publicity Shoot 7/2010, NYC.

::Archival Video::

Reunited at Metropolitan University, Professor Universe & Dr. Edgar Fast pause for a Publicity Shoot. July 2010, NYC.


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“Inner Democracy” from ConFyDance” Video Excerpt #5


On the topic of “Inner Democracy” this is video book excerpt #5 from the New Book “ConFyDance” (Confidence) 12/14/12 – Professor Spaulding Universe

View all of the current video book excerpts for “ConFyDance” here –

Universe ConFydance


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@prof_universe GIF Collaboration with @ryanseslow


December 2012

Spaulding Universe & Ryan Seslow collaborate on an Animated GIF. This is the first of several. The use of motion graphics are being explored as a means of communication to the masses, self expression, and promotions for several new projects.


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Video Excerpt #4 from the New Book “ConFyDance”


Universe ConFydance

On the topic of “Linguistics & Communication” this is video Excerpt #4 from the New Book “ConFyDance” (Confidence) 12/08/12 – Professor Spaulding Universe


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“ConFyDance” Book Excerpt #3

“ConFyDance” Book Excerpt #3

For immediate release ::

“ConFyDance” (confidence) – The New Book by Professor Spaulding Universe is set for release on 1/1/13.  A series of video book excerpts are being released to support the promotion.


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On American “Football”

12/6/12 :: Upon receiving several requests about the “spirituality and interpretation of football”

Professor Universe responds via video reaction.

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On Hurricane Sandy…

Hurricane Sandy has caused unprecedented devastation throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the United States. . For those of you who have been personally affected, please know that my heart and thoughts are with you and your loved ones, especially those of you who have had to evacuate your homes or are dealing with property damage or worse. I unfortunately, can empathize as my entire first floor of my lab and home office has been totally destroyed. I want to send an extremely important message to everyone. Please Remain calm. There is a clear sense of collective anxiety brewing in the weeks after the vortex. Especially in those hard hit areas without electricity, mostly at night time, people are confronted with a reality about the nature of our world that is rarely spoken of because of its incomprehensible unpredictability and hence frightful realization. Without electricity and all of the light, power and automation carried with it, we are just about as well of as our Neanderthal progenitors. That creepy feeling that is hard to ignore, is a quiet reaffirmation that we are all stuck to a small rock, hurling uncontrollably through dark, cold, interstellar space. Just know that out time here is short – and that the odds of our planet being destroyed by an rouge black hole, asteroid collision, reversal of the earths magnetic field, sudden ice age, the loss of our moon in orbit, cataclysmic solar flare, nuclear war, etc.., occurring in our lifetime – are very slim. Hang in there – we shall all prevail….. duality is on your side !

New Video Excerpts from the NEW Book : “ConFyDance” (confidence)

For immediate release :: “ConFyDance” (confidence) 2012 / 2013

“ConFyDance” (confidence) – The New Book by Professor Spaulding Universe is set for release on 1/1/13.  A series of video book excerpts are being released to support the promotion.

Video Excerpt #1

Video Excerpt #2


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ConFyDance – New Book Launch coming soon!

The NEW Book Launch Coming Soon!

For immediate release::

“ConFyDance” : The Self Discovery & Cultivation of the New Inner You. 

Award winning author, psychologist, theologian, and scientist Professor Spaulding Universe is back with his latest contribution to the research and development of human behavior. “ConFyDance” is a three year study delving into the collective psyche of human behavior. Frequent collaborator artist Ryan Seslow teams up again with Universe on this ambitious project. The emphasis of the book focuses on the cultivation of self discovery, creative awareness, and solving personal inner blocks.

Starting in early January of 2013 Professor Universe will be offering a series of self help web based seminars to promote the book and its free step by step process. Stay tuned.



“The Integration of Professor Universe”


“The Integration of Professor Universe” 2010, a Film by Ryan Seslow.

The Integration of Professor Universe examines the life and theories of Professor Spaulding Universe. To some a brilliant life changing energy, to others a rambling quack with theories far too complex for today’s collective consciousness.

Original link ::



Professor Universe’s Blog Welcome Message 8/25/10

Professor Universe’s Blog Welcome Message 8/25/10

Prof. Universe live cam segment 8/16/10

A short segment taken from a live web cam interview on 8/16/10

September 2010 release for the NEW Film/Documentary & More..

September 2010 release for the NEW Film/Documentary & More::

In collaboration with Professor Universe I am happy to announce an extended series of additional programming in relationship to our new collaboration. Rather than trying to traditionally edit the film into a 2 hour experience, we plan to break it down into several 30 minute segments. We will also be running supporting content that can be found here on the blog. The collaborate projects, works of art, and interviews between artist Ryan Seslow and professor Spaulding Universe dates back over ten years. As we create our archive, it is our intention to share the entire process. Please be sure to check back on a regular basis, or simply subscribe to the blog for immediate access.

NYC Publicity Shoot

NYC Publicity Shoot :: 07/03/2010

Professor Spaulding Universe & Dr. Edgar Fast gather for a Publicity Shoot in NYC. Followed by a lecture and promotion of the new film and documentary. In collaboration with artist Ryan Seslow, the film release is this September 2010.

Official Trailer :: “The Integration of Professor Universe”

“The Integration of Professor Universe”

Official Trailer

The new documentary film examines and collaborates with the concepts of Professor Spaulding Universe.

“The Integration of Professor Universe”

For more Info Please Visit and Bookmark the following Professor Universe sites::

Official WordPress Blog::
Dailymotion ::


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Spreading out on the Internet ::

Friends, Students, & Colleagues :

I am happy to announce my official Web 2.0 Presence. With the help of a small staff, and several graduate students we are now LIVE!

Stay in touch by visiting us here:

Flickr ::

Twitter :: or  follow me  @prof_universe

Facebook ::

Dailymotion ::

Colleagues Arrive in NYC – 7/1/10

Colleagues Arrive in NYC – 7/1/10

Professor Spaulding Universe and Dr. Edgar Fast arrive and reconnect in NYC for their Lecture at The New York College of Arts and Sciences.

It has been over 3 years since their last team taught lecture. Official transcripts will be posted here shortly.

Welcome to the Official Blog of Professor Universe.


This is your activation portal to the future. Stay tuned.


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