Graduate Assistant Paul Glasky on “ConFyDance”

:: 2/19/13 ::

Graduate Assistant Paul Glasky on “ConFyDance”

Paul Glasky here! We all felt it was time for me to post a video statement here on the blog. It is especially timely after Dr. Tom Meyers posted such a bitter review on 2/10/13. Not to worry as our spirit towards the new book is stronger than ever. My life is forever changed. I am proud and grateful to be one of the select few to work directly with professor Universe and his colleagues on this book (which is far more than just “any book” by the way.)


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About Ryan Seslow

Ryan Seslow is an artist, graphic designer & professor of Art & Design living and working in New York. Working in a variety of mediums Seslow shows his work both on and off of the Internet. As a professor of art & design he is teaching various graduate and undergraduate courses simultaneously between 4 colleges in NYC & the surrounding area.
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