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Spaulding Universe :: born 1965, in Providence, Rhode Island. He is said to have lived most of his early childhood and teenage years at a summer house residence near the coast. Born the son of Harold and Carla Universe. Harold and Carla both were established as private practice pediatricians. Receiving several degrees and honors, including two doctorates. The young Spaulding was hailed and awarded for his work in theoretical cosmology from the dawn of his career. Be it known that he was shunned for his recent expulsion from the Royal International Geographic Society for the same teachings. It is said, much to his own disagreement, that professor Spaulding Universe walks a fine line between genius and utter fraud. With a compulsion to count and measure nearly everything, comes obsessions which either result in magnificently insightful discoveries or render him useless. He has documented, measured, mapped, and studied nearly everything. Universe believing that all scientific systems must be revised and personalized every 5 years. Amongst other things, he has quantified the hearing sensitivity of animals, the habitual efficiency of affirmative prayer, the average death of each profession (lawyer 81, doctor 84) and has deemed the common cold to be the result of a rare an undetectable virus originating from El Dorado in the Amazon. “I love to travel and loose myself in other cultures” he once wrote, “as if I were a migratory bird in a past life. It helps me approach the universe and its untold mysteries underneath the physical veil with ever changing perspective. His work in psychology, philosophy, and Fine Art is also renowned.. If Freud had dropped a bucket down into the human subconscious, Prof Universe has lowered a suction pump! Through a series of new collaborative ventures this blog will archive, present, and produce the ongoing works of Professor Spaulding Universe.


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