Documentary Films

To date there have been three experimental documentary films that have been completed. You can view them all below. The works have been made in collaboration with artist Ryan Seslow, as well as several other contributors. Questions about the works can be assessed here on the blog, or by contacting us directly here.


1. “The Integration of Professor Universe” 2010

The Integration of Professor Universe examines the life and theories of Professor Spaulding Universe. To some a brilliant life changing energy, to others a rambling quack with theories far too complex for today’s collective consciousness.

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2.”Transcending Situational Potential” 2009 

The professor activates his audience through ” technology based interventions.” He claims, ” The modern day student will find all of their teachers, and find them well.” He talks us through a seemingly benign series of self identity issues related to one’s own perceptual personality. Short lectures are followed by fragmented art forms that seem to be symbolic, controversial, and indeed overstimulating. Professor Universe declares that the synthesis of these visual and auditory actions create an unconscious formula. The formula itself is known to activate a new level of human awareness and creative potential.


3. ” The NEXT Vision ” 2008

“The NEXT Vision” 2008 Documentary Experimental Modular Film Synthesis : 16:00

Using Video Art as a medium of narrative exploration, this film displays several examples using hybrids of diverse creativity. According to Professor Universe: ” Upon viewing this film, the viewer will have activated undiscovered strands of dormant potential. Your life may now change as you have requested. ” Excerpts from a recent interview turned lecture, Professor Universe and his colleague Dr. Edgar Fast discuss several of their aesthetic discoveries with human behavior and the creative potentials of the brain.


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