Jim Anatokis

Jim Anatokis


Jim Anatokis is a young man who had suffered greatly from impatient behavior and impending frustration. He clocked over 400 hours of therapy time with Professor Spaulding Universe over the course of 2010-2011. Jim was a part of a multidisciplinary therapy experimentation process titled: “The Reflective Therapy Video Assessment Committment.” The process itself helped patients engage more in the therapy process itself. By interacting with Professor Universe via various technology formats. Traditional one on one therapy sessions were a part of the process. The use of video conferencing and a private shared blog for written reflection and analysis allotted for variations of communication archiving. The fact that the blog’s private shared content could at any moment be published and made public was an intriguing incentive to ponder its reverse effects. Jim’s content has not been made public. Although still a bit resistant to the experiment and process, Jim does find himself perplexed in the overall outcome of “how” his life has changed.

Reflective Therapy Assessment #21 – Patient : Jim Anatokis. As a part of each patient’s commitment to treatment, Jim reflects back and expresses his feelings about therapy with Professor Universe. You can see an excerpt from jim’s 21st assessment below.


short-link to this page – http://wp.me/PLk90-6k


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