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Guest Lecture at McKindle College, 1/24/13, NYC

Professor Spaulding Universe gave a guest lecture on self esteem and human energetic emotion last night at the McKindley College here in NYC. The small college dates back to the early 1930’s and has with stood the turns and challenges of the times. Spaulding used this idea as a metaphor to begin the talk. The college houses all 2,100 students locally in the area, it seems that the turn out was pretty accurate in attendance. St. Worthington Hall is the college’s oldest building, and it was indeed standing room only. Spaulding Universe is known for his spontaneous talks and lectures. 99% of his speaking engagements are not planned, rehearsed or practiced. He preprograms the “inner energy” within himself as well as the physical space where he is going to speak in advance. This is done through a meditation that takes about 15 minutes. The uplifting talk left eager students lingering for hours afterwards. Universe has promised to write a step by step guide on “How To” energetically pre-program any potential event or desire one may have. Stay tuned.

Images by Paul Glasky.


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